classic with a twist invitation

i adore this mandy gordon designed invitation with its bright, fun colors and its simple, yet intriguing design. the graphic makes me picture white netting wrapped centerpieces and a chic birdcage veil.

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pictures as inspiration: cherry blossom color palette

cherry blossom season may be over for DC, but i'm still dreaming about the colors of the early april blooming period.


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1. me (with palette help by degraeve)

DC as inspiration: brunch drinks

living in a big metropolitan area is a constant source of inspiration.

above is a re-creation of blue duck tavern's famous inside-out bloody mary. i'd serve this an alternative to a full bar for a late morning/early afternoon event. its a signature drink that can also transform one base, such as vodka or champagne into many drink flavors. vodka could be served with spicy tomato, orange, or grapefruit juice cubes. vodka too intense? pear, peach, and orange juices all mix well with champagne. yum.


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springtime bouquet centerpiece

if there's one thing that reminds me of spring, its the smell of lilacs in the air. i'm lucky to live on a block where many of my neighbors grow lilacs in their front yards.

(lilacs, mini-hydrangeas, tulips)

for those of you DIY-ing your flowers, this was a no-fuss arrangement i picked up from the local farmers market for $20. add in a plain glass vase and the raffia that came with the arrangement and it was done. it really could have even been larger, but i took out some of the greenery that came with it.

to be quite honest, i'm not a rockstar flower arranger and i love pre-mixed bouquets for this reason. its basically fool-proof DIY. and supporting a local grower is an added bonus.

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1. me

purple bridesmaid dresses under $125

i love the four dresses below as non-traditional bridesmaid dresses. (non-traditional because they're not marketed as such, and therefore you get the savings associated with non-weddingy things).

in the prettiest of spring-time lilac, magenta and purples:

from left to right:
4. ellen tracy ruffle front print sheath dress, $118.00

plus, get the dresses all at once and you can save with free shipping on orders over $200.

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if i were getting married tomorrow, it would be in this tara latour lindemeyer dress featured on the wedding chicks.

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the new cupcake

some wedding trends are here today-gone tomorrow. but others, like the surge of cupcake-cakes may never die. me personally? i'm a cupcake lover at heart. if its covered in cream cheese frosting any kind of frosting, i'll eat it.

maybe you don't want cupcakes. maybe you're looking for something just as nostalgic and relatively cost effective.

i'd personally love to see a resurgence of whoopie pies. they're similar to cupcakes in that they can be done yourself or with the help of friends with minimal day-of prep time. red velvet, traditional chocolate, spring-y lemon...the sky's the limit. some grocery stores (like giant here in the DC area) already make them. (for about a dollar a piece. quite the steal!)

the custom ice-cream sandwich route sounds just as delicious. if i lived in LA, my first call would be to coolhaus. they've got a ton of flavor combinations and will come right to your event either in their truck, or set up a table.

but the best part of picking these things for your wedding is all the tasting/research you get to do. so get out there. have a recommendation for the best whoopie pie recipe or ice cream sandwich vendor? let me know!

xoxo, am

photo credits: 1. source unknown. is this your picture? send me an email so i may credit you.
                    2. coolhaus

hello world

i've loved weddings since i was a little girl. anyone who knows me well enough can tell you that i fell hard ever since i read my first issue of martha stewart weddings at age 11. over the years i've collected hundreds of images, notes and thoughts that my friends tell me will be useful once  they decide to get married. so until they do, i'm posting them here.

a little bit about me: i'm a compulsive deal researcher, lover of all things pretty, full time accountant, and full of seemingly useless facts and trivia.

what will i be posting, you may be asking? budget-friendly wedding ideas, tips i've found to getting the best deal (on everything from honeymoon trips to using your tax return to your wedding-advantage), inspiring pictures and links, general thoughts and the things i would suggest to my friends if they ever came asking for advice.

while i'm not currently planning my own wedding (save me the "you're crazy"), i know one day this may turn into the best research i ever did.

so welcome! i hope you enjoy it around here.

xoxo, am

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