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i've loved weddings since i was a little girl. anyone who knows me well enough can tell you that i fell hard ever since i read my first issue of martha stewart weddings at age 11. over the years i've collected hundreds of images, notes and thoughts that my friends tell me will be useful once  they decide to get married. so until they do, i'm posting them here.

a little bit about me: i'm a compulsive deal researcher, lover of all things pretty, full time accountant, and full of seemingly useless facts and trivia.

what will i be posting, you may be asking? budget-friendly wedding ideas, tips i've found to getting the best deal (on everything from honeymoon trips to using your tax return to your wedding-advantage), inspiring pictures and links, general thoughts and the things i would suggest to my friends if they ever came asking for advice.

while i'm not currently planning my own wedding (save me the "you're crazy"), i know one day this may turn into the best research i ever did.

so welcome! i hope you enjoy it around here.

xoxo, am

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May 26, 2010 at 9:12 PM

AM, thank you so much for dropping a note on my blog! Your blog is so cute and I like the perspective you bring - an accountant's! I'm glad to share this wedding obsession with a fellow blogger :)

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