the new cupcake

some wedding trends are here today-gone tomorrow. but others, like the surge of cupcake-cakes may never die. me personally? i'm a cupcake lover at heart. if its covered in cream cheese frosting any kind of frosting, i'll eat it.

maybe you don't want cupcakes. maybe you're looking for something just as nostalgic and relatively cost effective.

i'd personally love to see a resurgence of whoopie pies. they're similar to cupcakes in that they can be done yourself or with the help of friends with minimal day-of prep time. red velvet, traditional chocolate, spring-y lemon...the sky's the limit. some grocery stores (like giant here in the DC area) already make them. (for about a dollar a piece. quite the steal!)

the custom ice-cream sandwich route sounds just as delicious. if i lived in LA, my first call would be to coolhaus. they've got a ton of flavor combinations and will come right to your event either in their truck, or set up a table.

but the best part of picking these things for your wedding is all the tasting/research you get to do. so get out there. have a recommendation for the best whoopie pie recipe or ice cream sandwich vendor? let me know!

xoxo, am

photo credits: 1. source unknown. is this your picture? send me an email so i may credit you.
                    2. coolhaus

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August 15, 2012 at 8:16 PM

Hi! Just found your blog. Curious to know where you ended up getting married :)

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