vintage travel: venue

keeping with the travel theme, this wedding reception will be held at zaytinya, a greek/turkish/lebanese restaurant in DC. having a restaurant reception is an offbeat option for those weddings with under 100 guests. most restaurants can even handle over that number with a full-buyout (however, this is sometimes costly).

zaytinya has two beautiful spaces for small parties.

a mezzanine for 55 seated guests.

and a ground floor space for parties named the blue room. this room can hold between 60 and 70 seated and overlooks the outdoor patio.

the pros: both rooms are stylish with their deep blue walls, fireplaces, and nectarine and slate accents. the food is served "mezze" style the way of tapas and has many vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. there is also an option for passed hors d'oeurves. the crowning jewel? one of the most inexpensive sets of bar packages in the area. close in proximity to many ceremony and hotel sites.

the cons: you may be sharing the restaurant with their normal dinner crowd. depending on the size of your party there may not be room for a ceremony or cocktail hour. setting up a dance floor may or may not be allowed. parking in chinatown can be complicated and/or expensive.

one of my favorite parts about using a restaurant for your reception venue is the hassle-free review. you get to check out how the food tastes, the ambiance...everything before even asking for an RFP.

with its mediterranean cuisine, this venue plays on the travel theme through cuisine and bold colors. next, we'll take a look to the invitations and other paper elements to bring sass and personality to the party.

photo credits:
1&2: zaytinya

vintage travel: color palette

i think its wonderful when a couple's wedding celebration is a celebration of not only their love, but the things they do together. a wedding doesn't have to be a literal interpretation of those passions and hobbies though. take for instance, a love of travel - this can be colors inspired by your favorite place or the regional cuisine of your last destination.

for this wedding inspiration, i drew on the iconic blues of greece with accents of smoke, nectarine, and khaki. this color palette could be used for a wedding in any season - use more khaki as an accent color for winter weddings and more nectarine in the case of warmer weather.

next? a multi-season venue with a built-in regional cuisine.

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DC sunset: budget and wrap up

so how does the DC sunset inspiration work towards creating an overall day and budget?

ceremony: its important that your wedding reflect your beliefs. a wedding ceremony on the rooftop would most likely involve a compromise if the duration required seating for your guests. for a short ceremony, the arch-canopy at the corner of the space would work perfectly. fill it with candles and gather your guests close.

budget: $150 ($35 marriage license, $10 certified copy of license, $100 candles, clear fishing line, glass hanging orbs)

invitations: as with most wedding expenses, invitations can always cost more. with a little ingenuity, some talented friends, or the help of an etsy vendor, achieving the same look as the invites featured here can be done on a budget. get a pdf design and print them yourself. want to customize an invitation without getting it professionally designed? look to free templates like this beautiful chrysanthemum style and customize it to your specific needs. its helpful to know a design program like illustrator or GIMP, but if you know paint and word, you can do this with a few hours and a laser printer.

budget: $150 ($75 good quality cardstock, $25 postage/supplies, $50 paper cutting by a professional)

attire: ordering a dress or suit that will need little, if any, alterations is a good way to keep costs down. accessorize with pieces you already own (like heirloom jewelry).

budget: $1,600 ($950 layered tulle gown, $150 accessories/shoes/birdcage veil, $200 suit, $200 shirt/shoes/tie/accessories, $100 alterations)

reception: stretch your reception budget by limiting the guest list. this venue does some of the work for you as it can only hold 60-80 seated guests. the beacon hotel's rooftop set-up will allow you three distinct spaces with a small guest list (ceremony/lounge, cocktails/dancing, and seated dinner). balance the cost of a seated dinner with one signature drink during cocktail hour and wine/beer for the remainder of the night. select one main entree and one alternative for vegetarians to limit the cost of stocking the kitchen. you don't need a ton of decor - the sunset is your ambiance. access to a rooftop of your own could cut costs dramatically with a reasonable catering bill. try saint germain catering if you've got this option in the DC area. their food is delicious and they're super nice (plus the prices? amazingly reasonable).

budget: $9500 (rooftop reception with cocktail hour, seated three course dinner, wine/beer bar, tip and gratuity at the beacon hotel for 75 guests)

flowers and decor: order in-season flowers or flowers that have full blooms. use plain low vases or rent slightly more ornate ones. add candlelight in the rooftop fountain and on the tables to create a warm glow. DIY is the key to keeping costs down in this area. but with the help of the interwebs, this is a DIY project with a ton of reference tutorials. also, use all one flower to keep your bouquets DIY stress-free.

budget: $500 (wholesale blooms from an online vendor, supplies, candles, vases)

photographer: if i were trying to keep costs down, but still wanted beautiful pictures, the first person i'd call is jessice valle. i adore her work - its fun and unexpected.

budget: $2,500 (in 2011 for 8 hours of coverage plus travel)

miscellaneous: DJ or speaker equipment for an ipod, gifts for your wedding party, unforeseen expenses, trial runs, hair/makeup

budget: $1,500


this may seem like a lot, but with the average wedding in DC running upwards of $35,000, coming in at half the cost seems like a fair discount for the time spent researching and DIYing. especially considering that trade-offs for a seated dinner and time of day/day of week don't need to be made.

could you do it for even less? sure. have a cocktail or buffet reception, choose a less expensive dress, cut your guest list, use your ipod to deejay, negotiate with the venue on things that can be cut from the menu. it all depends on what is important to you.

like one of the ideas, need a variation on the theme? post it in the comments.

xoxo, am

DC sunset: reception

we've picked out colors, we're wearing our sunday best, and we're partying at the beacon hotel's rooftop skybar. 

now here are some fun details to co-ordinate your reception:

serve a signature drink, like this summery frozen sangria during cocktail hour, but have a beer and wine only bar for the rest of the reception to keep costs down.

use simple white place settings with fun typography styled menus. stick with the basic china and flatware provided by your venue to save on rental costs.

use brightly colored large blooms to make a statement in small clusters or larger bouquets. you can save by doing the flowers yourself: order wholesale blooms from your local farmers market or a flower wholeseller (on a recent trip, peonies were 25% less expensive from a local grower, but you're at the whim of what's in bloom that week). check out sites like jamali gardens for inexpensive vases and flower arranging materials.

a side note regarding peonies - peonies oftentimes get a bad rap for being expensive. while they can be expensive, especially out of season, they're usually much larger than a typical bloom and you'll need less to get the same effect. still cant justify the cost, but love the look? try peony garden roses...they're half the cost and very similar in size, shape and coloring.

bring the bold graphic from your invitations back one more time in the form of your cake embellishment.

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DC sunset: attire

next up in our DC sunset wedding? wedding party attire.

for this wedding i was looking for a gauzy and slightly ethereal dress and summer weight clothing for the groom and wedding party. remembering what type of event (rooftop) and the climate is key. no one wants to be sweating under layers of fabric.

for the bride, a grecian style layered tulle gown. for the bridesmaids, a purple dress with a hint of embellishment. for the groom and groomsmen, a summer weight cotton suit (with a tie matching the purple in the bridesmaid dresses).

from left to right:

i'm glad that the recent trend in weddings has been towards fashionable, well-made clothes at a fraction of the cost of designer gowns. the look for less is always a score. but bottom-line? pick a dress that you love, feel comfortable in, and that fits your esthetic. same goes for your groom and your attendants (if you have them).

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DC sunset: invitations

to continue on the road of building a wedding using the DC sunsets as an inspiration, i was on the hunt for an invitation suite that played off the color palette from the previous post without being too theme-y. then i remembered a feature in the spring issue of martha stewart weddings.

these beautiful invitations were designed by thussfarrell for gail simmons' august 2008 wedding. i think they're a perfect combination of the colors in the inspiration palette, while still maintaining a slight sense of masculinity in the type.

but maybe a suite of letterpress invitations isn't in your budget - so i've scoured the web for similar styles that can be flat printed.

the first thing i'd do though? shoot an email over to the wonderfully talented printable press or 4th and folded (or any creative etsy seller for that matter) and ask if they'd be willing to design something similar that is within your budget. both of these designers will produce a pdf file which you can use to print the invitations yourself, saving money. doing it this way also gives you slightly more control over the finished product and the ability to add custom pieces to the suite. you get what you want AND you can control your budget. its a win-win if you ask me.

photo credits:
1. tara donne via martha stewart weddings
2. ($130 base cost for 100 invitations, use promo code "shopit" to save 10% on your order)
3. wedding paper divas ($179 base cost for 100 invitations)

DC sunset: venue

to build on the color palette i posted yesterday, i was looking for a rooftop venue that took advantage of DC's beautiful sunsets. rooftop space for events is prime real estate in DC. many of the best rooftops or outdoor spaces are attached to bars and restaurants that have huge minimums (i'm looking at you cantina marina). trying to plan a budget-friendly wedding anywhere is hard, but the DC metro is a notoriously expensive place to throw a party. that's why i was ecstatic to find that the beacon hotel had a rooftop.

besides the fantastic rooftop (you have a good chance at either renting the skybar OR the penthouse along with private roof access), this hotel is super close to the metro, has a pretty good reputation, is a hotel venue without necessarily looking like one (great for out of town guests), and from what i've seen of the catering menu, pretty reasonable in cost. and say you'd like an after-party? dupont bars are only a few blocks away.

drawbacks? the rooftop does have views, but obviously wont compare to the swanky W or hay adams at the steps of the white house, but there's always trade-offs for budget friendly. also, you cant supply your own alcohol, and no outside catering is allowed.

i don't know if you'd be able to use that espresso colored furniture from the top photo, but if so, you've already got two pieces of the color palette: the general feel of the sunset and the espresso tone. if not, the next posts will build more colors into this DC sunset wedding.

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DC sunset: color palette

if a key point in wedding planning sanity is coming to the realization that you have to work with what you've got, then DCers have got it good.

we've got sunsets up our sleeves.

i don't know if its a reward for surviving the record-breaking blizzards and swampy hot summers, but the sunsets here are magical. so much so that i've used the sun setting over the smithsonian castle as my inspiration for this bright color palette.

up next? a venue that capitalizes on this DC asset in the warmer months.

photo credits:
1. drlandscape

change of pace

i firmly believe the key to organizing anything, whether that be a wedding or your closet, is knowing yourself. i'm the type of person who needs to see the big picture, make a list, then fill the gaps one by one. haphazard usually just makes me crazy.

so on that note, i've decided to take a slight change of direction in regards to how i'll approach this blog. instead of posting random thoughts and wedding inspirations, i'm going to group all of the pictures and ideas i've been collecting throughout the years into "weddings". starting with an inspiration or color palette and building from there. invitations, attire, venues (for both DC and beyond), reception ideas, sourcing/budget/DIY, vendors, and maybe even a honeymoon deal here or there. because that was originally the point of starting this blog, honestly.

like an idea or the whole thing? make it yours.
have questions? ask away.
need someone to throw some ideas at you? i'm your girl.


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