change of pace

i firmly believe the key to organizing anything, whether that be a wedding or your closet, is knowing yourself. i'm the type of person who needs to see the big picture, make a list, then fill the gaps one by one. haphazard usually just makes me crazy.

so on that note, i've decided to take a slight change of direction in regards to how i'll approach this blog. instead of posting random thoughts and wedding inspirations, i'm going to group all of the pictures and ideas i've been collecting throughout the years into "weddings". starting with an inspiration or color palette and building from there. invitations, attire, venues (for both DC and beyond), reception ideas, sourcing/budget/DIY, vendors, and maybe even a honeymoon deal here or there. because that was originally the point of starting this blog, honestly.

like an idea or the whole thing? make it yours.
have questions? ask away.
need someone to throw some ideas at you? i'm your girl.


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