DC sunset: attire

next up in our DC sunset wedding? wedding party attire.

for this wedding i was looking for a gauzy and slightly ethereal dress and summer weight clothing for the groom and wedding party. remembering what type of event (rooftop) and the climate is key. no one wants to be sweating under layers of fabric.

for the bride, a grecian style layered tulle gown. for the bridesmaids, a purple dress with a hint of embellishment. for the groom and groomsmen, a summer weight cotton suit (with a tie matching the purple in the bridesmaid dresses).

from left to right:

i'm glad that the recent trend in weddings has been towards fashionable, well-made clothes at a fraction of the cost of designer gowns. the look for less is always a score. but bottom-line? pick a dress that you love, feel comfortable in, and that fits your esthetic. same goes for your groom and your attendants (if you have them).

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December 1, 2016 at 5:25 AM

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