DC sunset: reception

we've picked out colors, we're wearing our sunday best, and we're partying at the beacon hotel's rooftop skybar. 

now here are some fun details to co-ordinate your reception:

serve a signature drink, like this summery frozen sangria during cocktail hour, but have a beer and wine only bar for the rest of the reception to keep costs down.

use simple white place settings with fun typography styled menus. stick with the basic china and flatware provided by your venue to save on rental costs.

use brightly colored large blooms to make a statement in small clusters or larger bouquets. you can save by doing the flowers yourself: order wholesale blooms from your local farmers market or a flower wholeseller (on a recent trip, peonies were 25% less expensive from a local grower, but you're at the whim of what's in bloom that week). check out sites like jamali gardens for inexpensive vases and flower arranging materials.

a side note regarding peonies - peonies oftentimes get a bad rap for being expensive. while they can be expensive, especially out of season, they're usually much larger than a typical bloom and you'll need less to get the same effect. still cant justify the cost, but love the look? try peony garden roses...they're half the cost and very similar in size, shape and coloring.

bring the bold graphic from your invitations back one more time in the form of your cake embellishment.

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