DC sunset: venue

to build on the color palette i posted yesterday, i was looking for a rooftop venue that took advantage of DC's beautiful sunsets. rooftop space for events is prime real estate in DC. many of the best rooftops or outdoor spaces are attached to bars and restaurants that have huge minimums (i'm looking at you cantina marina). trying to plan a budget-friendly wedding anywhere is hard, but the DC metro is a notoriously expensive place to throw a party. that's why i was ecstatic to find that the beacon hotel had a rooftop.

besides the fantastic rooftop (you have a good chance at either renting the skybar OR the penthouse along with private roof access), this hotel is super close to the metro, has a pretty good reputation, is a hotel venue without necessarily looking like one (great for out of town guests), and from what i've seen of the catering menu, pretty reasonable in cost. and say you'd like an after-party? dupont bars are only a few blocks away.

drawbacks? the rooftop does have views, but obviously wont compare to the swanky W or hay adams at the steps of the white house, but there's always trade-offs for budget friendly. also, you cant supply your own alcohol, and no outside catering is allowed.

i don't know if you'd be able to use that espresso colored furniture from the top photo, but if so, you've already got two pieces of the color palette: the general feel of the sunset and the espresso tone. if not, the next posts will build more colors into this DC sunset wedding.

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