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keeping with the travel theme, this wedding reception will be held at zaytinya, a greek/turkish/lebanese restaurant in DC. having a restaurant reception is an offbeat option for those weddings with under 100 guests. most restaurants can even handle over that number with a full-buyout (however, this is sometimes costly).

zaytinya has two beautiful spaces for small parties.

a mezzanine for 55 seated guests.

and a ground floor space for parties named the blue room. this room can hold between 60 and 70 seated and overlooks the outdoor patio.

the pros: both rooms are stylish with their deep blue walls, fireplaces, and nectarine and slate accents. the food is served "mezze" style the way of tapas and has many vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. there is also an option for passed hors d'oeurves. the crowning jewel? one of the most inexpensive sets of bar packages in the area. close in proximity to many ceremony and hotel sites.

the cons: you may be sharing the restaurant with their normal dinner crowd. depending on the size of your party there may not be room for a ceremony or cocktail hour. setting up a dance floor may or may not be allowed. parking in chinatown can be complicated and/or expensive.

one of my favorite parts about using a restaurant for your reception venue is the hassle-free review. you get to check out how the food tastes, the ambiance...everything before even asking for an RFP.

with its mediterranean cuisine, this venue plays on the travel theme through cuisine and bold colors. next, we'll take a look to the invitations and other paper elements to bring sass and personality to the party.

photo credits:
1&2: zaytinya

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May 26, 2010 at 9:14 PM

Cute venue! I can totally envision a modern, urban wedding here. I think restaurants are a really affordable option. Many don't charge the dreaded "rental fee" and clean up fee and parking fee, and so on and so forth. Another pro: they provide the silverware and linen too. Great post!

November 17, 2016 at 1:06 PM

What a beautiful furniture! I like the patio furniture most. Thanks for sharing. You may get patio furniture at Boutiqueken.

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