vintage travel: attire

to continue on our journey of a vintage travel wedding, we're moving down the color palette from the navy of the invitations with a sassy blue bridesmaid dress. not to mention a gorgeously classic gown for the bride and a contemporary navy suit with an orange tie for the groom and groomsmen.

from left to right:
1. ruched matte jersey gown $105.90 (!)
2. hannah dress $800 (wear a 12? pick up the sample sale dress for $363)

photo credits:

vintage travel: invitations

i'm a huge fan of invitations backed with patterned paper. it gives us non-graphic designers a chance to whip up a basic invitation.

i picked one of the popular free fonts (museo slab) and whipped up some basic wording and scoured the web for imported patterned paper in navy tones. the paper can either be glued or run through a sticker machine (like a xyron) to attach to your cardstock. i created the second information page to perform double duty by making the bottom half a response card. save your guests from cutting by pre-scoring the invitation for easy detaching.

search free-use photos for pictures of passport stamps on a plain background like the one below, and you've got a subtle travel themed envelope liner. paired with a citrus colored envelope and you're set. just trace, cut and glue. :)

photo credits:
1. luxe paperie egg press blue paper
2. paper source yuzen blue swirls paper


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